Hey, my name is Idris, I've been skating for about 10 years, and embarassing myself at the June jam for the past 4. I lost all my sponsors because now everyone can do no complies, so I'm focusing on art. I like drawing animals and nature because drawing faces is really hard and I just can't get the hang of noses. Support local companies because they're the ones supporting skateboarding at a local level. Shoutout to Fair Game, Delores Wheel Co., Metrotek, United RSC, The Board Bus, Bureau and everyone else putting in work to keep the scene alive! Buy stuff at the contest and make sure we've got sponsors for next year.

​​                                                                                                               Idris Battou
Every year I try to bring new artist in to showcase their point of view.  I was very excited to hear that Idris Battou was interested in painting this years grindbox.  What adds to the cool factor is that he is a skater too.
I love his style and can't wait to see what he does with the box.
Thanks Idris, from everyone at June Jam

Roger McGraw