Great article about our friend AJ.

AJ Kohn:
Original, creative, dedicated and driven are just a few words to describe the one and only AJ Kohn!
From a small rural town right outside Philadelphia, AJ's unique style and creative approach to skateboarding started to develop in the early 90's.  As time went on, he started traveling to perform in demos as well as in top Amateur competitions such as West End Skate Park Series ('97-'02), Tampa Am ('99-'00), and the Beast of the East ('00-'04).
Turning Pro after college in 2004, his focus switched from Street contests to International Pro Freestyle events to which he is currently one of the best known and talented in the world.
Simultaneously, AJ was and still is always giving back to his community by organizing and MCing events, providing free skate lessons, serving as a modern freestyle movement activist, advocating and raising funds for skateparks, donating equipment, and raising money for charity all through skateboarding throughout the world.
Currently AJ directs Franklin's Paine Skatepark Fund's Gear for Groms program, he is a touring Wondergy Skateboard Science professional, Industrial Design Consultant and MC at large for Skate Fest, AM JAM, The Jam Series, Philly Cup Series, and Free Flow Tour among others.
Always on the move and always with a skateboard in his heart, AJ is a true professional and legend in the making who continues to innovate, create and give back!