When I started taking my son to skateparks and spots, I was amazed when I realized I was observing a community of kids without outside involvement.  No type of adult structure or coaches that you see in organized sports.  Yet here they are learning something that they are very passonite about.  Skateboarding is pure in that sense.  These kids aren't being pushed into this sport or have parents pursuading them to do something they dont like but are too afraid to mention it.  Every kid at the park is there because he or she wants to be there and that rare quality is one I haven't felt  with any other sport.  While observing skateboading for over 10 years, I have made it a point to do just that, observe.  I did not want to taint this unscathed environment of learning and friendship.   I felt such admiration for these 4 - 50 year old athletes.  Inspiration!  I wanted to let these skaters know how much I appreciate the affect they had on me without becoming a thorn or a nusence.  Starting June Jam was the perfect venue to do just that.  We aren't raising money for some charity, its not about a special interest other than skating.  June Jam ask local businesses to donate prizes which are handed out to the kids and the entry fee is used as the prize money for the advanced riders.  There is no profit and everyone there are volunteers.  Payments made to some are just to cover expenses, such as travel, materials needed and mobilization.  When I first started this event, I just had a few committed volunteers.  This year the list of people offering to help out is well over 20!    I guess what I am saying is June Jam Skateboarding Competition is a gesture to you skaters from us, to say we appreciate and admire what you do.
                                                                            Hope to see you out there,
                                                                                  Everyone at June Jam